Gil Boyne Online was Gil’s last major project before he passed away, and he designed it to allow future generations of Hypnotherapists to benefit from his teachings. Here are a selection of the testimonials from our members.

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  1. #1 Lee Evans

    Amazing Transforming Therapy – This is simply the best resource available at any price.

    There is a vast amount of information in the form of articles by Gil which allow you to study this fascinating art in your own home. There is also a constantly updated library of video demonstrations and lessons ranging from rapid induction demonstrations and explanations to in depth analytical hypnotherapy sessions which get straight to the root of problems and transform real clients before your eyes.

    I became interested in hypnotherapy in August 2009 and have since, after comperehensive research, started training with Dr John Butler at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Britain. I am half way to certification and already had profound , rapid successes with clients suffering from severe cases of Anxiety and PTSD.

    This work is truly amazing and I am humbled and grateful to Gil for his altruistic approach to life and the human race.

  2. #2 Marisa Peer

    Gil is the best of them all.

    I trained with Gil Boyne in 1984 in Los Angeles and look back on it as one of the very best things I ever did. In retrospect it was a very wise decision to travel to California and train with the best hypnotherapist teacher in existence as it changed my life and started me on a fabulous career.

    Gil installed in me a passion for hypnotherapy which I have to this day. I have since studied in England and Europe with other teachers but Gil is unquestionably the best of them all. He taught me his dynamic methods of hypnotherapy which create quick and lasting results and I have attended since all his courses in London and felt privileged to do so.

    I have worked on television in England, Scandinavia, Germany and America. I was the resident therapist on Celebrity Fit Club UK and Celebrity Fit Club USA, and my methods were judged to be the only ones that worked on Channel 4’s Supersize/Superskinny.

    I was voted therapist of the year by Men’s Health Magazine and feature in the Tatler guide to Britain’s best doctors and practitioners. I have written three bestselling books utilizing hypnotherapy and I lecture internationally .

    I can honestly say everything I have I owe to hypnosis, including my daughter (I was told I could never conceive and used hypnosis to overrule that). My training with Mr Gil Boyne transformed my life and I cannot recommend Mr Boyne and his trainings highly enough.

    Marisa Peer

  3. #3 dan russell

    An excellent resource from one of the greatest hypnotherapists of all time.

    Of all the hypnotherapists and healers that I have worked with in a forty year career in hypnotherapy – Gil Boyne still stands out as the most effective – the most charismatic and indeed the most loving. He is a man with profound skills and integrity which is usually masked by his down to earth humanity.

    After hearing about Gil and meeting him in the UK I trained with him for a month at his centre in L.A. I have found that since then his presence and teachings manifest in every treatment that takes place in my clinical practice. One of the special powers of Gil is that he extends hypnotherapy into what is essentially a spiritual philosophy that transcends religious boundaries.

    His focus is always on empowering his clients – enabling them to discover inner strengths they have been unaware of and to proceed to a speedy resolution of their internal dilemmas.

    Much of Gil’s technical ability can be seen in his publications and training videos – of which this online Master Class is an excellent resource – and his appreciation of behaviour as energy (or misdirected energy) and his emphasis on precise use of language and deep respect for his clients stand out in particular.

    Gil’s passion is his other great gift to us – he describes the one necessary ingredient for a successful career in this work as, “The love for your fellow man”

    When you want to train with one who stands equal with the greatest hypnotherapists of all time, make a point of registering for Gil’s courses at your first opportunity.

    Dan Russell
    MA (Cambridge University) and Principal of Cumbria hypnotherapy training centre

  4. #4 Attila Kun

    Gil is a generous and effective teacher.

    My name is Attila Kun and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Alberta, Canada.

    Three years ago, I attended Gil Boyne’s Master Class in Los Angeles and I told him I was from Hungary and I wanted to introduce Hypnotherapy into my homeland. It has been unknown there and a few Doctors had prevented anyone from practicing or teaching.

    He told me that the first step was to make a plan and take some direct action as soon as I could. He promised that if I made a start, he would come to Budapest to assist me.

    In 2008, I went to Budapest and taught a class to eleven students. One of them is an influential businessman who offered to help. He invited Mr. Boyne to come to Budapest to teach and arrangements were made for him to appear on the #1 talk show on the only national TV channel in Hungary.

    The show featured Mr. Boyne hypnotizing King Victor, who is the top singer, dancer and stage performer in Hungary and then hypnotizing the host of the show as well.

    More than seven million people watched the show and in addition, magazine interviews were arranged as well and the result has been amazing.

    I will be giving a much larger class in 2010 and several students have set up their practice already. I feel certain that hypnotherapy will grow and flourish in Hungary because of this great awakening…

    I want everyone to know how generous Gil Boyne has been (he refused any payment for his 4-day visit) and how effective his presentation has been.

    Attila Kun
    Attila J. Kun CHTI

  5. #5 Krystyna Walewska-Huseynov

    Being a Member of Gil Boyne Master Class is a privilege and an honour. Having an access to His wisdom and truly amazing unlimited experience is PRICELESS.

    Not enough words to express my admiration.
    Krystyna Walewska-Huseynov

  6. #6 Brigitara Isis

    The Master Class online is truly a blessing and of great benefit. I appreciate all you have done and continue to do, for the Hypnotherapy profession.

    Respectfully and Sincerely,

    Brigitara A. Isis

  7. #7 Krystyna Walewska-Huseynov

    The Master Class online is a wonderful tool providing an easy access to the best and truly a blessing in a day to day activities.
    It is an inspiration plus…
    Krystyna Walewska-Huseynov


    I stumbled on Gil’s book, Transforming Therapy, in 2000, and was fascinated by his rapid and cogent approach to hypnotherapy. To be able to watch the old Master work is a real blessing! Most modern day hypnosis trainers leave me cold, but there’s not a hypnotist alive who won’t benefit from the work of Gil Boyne.

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